Rico and Aquí were born in the spring of 2004 in Leiden, at Dick's place.

  • duoslaapjeBoth cats have grades in swimming:
    Aqui already passed four tests but Rico is cat-ching up with one skinny-dip in July 2009. 
  • They both had a very cold ice-surprise in january/february 2010: they went for a walk on too-thin ice, crashed through it but grabbed a feline-lifeline to crawl safely back onto the shore!
  • Rico jumps through hoops on command, just watch this little film
  • Because they are both black, I have had trouble keeping them apart. 
  • Aquí was treated with some hairlotion to give her a distinguishing chocolate dipped-tail. 
  • Aqui passed away in september 2016.











Aquí's nail mystery

  • aq-sprinkhaan2Aquí hurt her hind-paws in july 2009: somehow she managed to lose four of her toenails to the bone...very bloody and very painful as well!
  • She got a dose of antibiotics for two weeks as well as painkillers (per injections and orally), Metacam.
  • See more on the page 'Aquí's Nail-Mystery'





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English information on Kat uit de Gracht - Feline Lifelines
(voor Nederlands: zie de Nederlandse pagina)


kudg_algemeen-nlBecause lots of cats die from drowning in our neighbourhood, Havenwijk Zuid in Leiden, the Netherlands, we thought up a simple but effective plan: feline lifelines ('kat uit de gracht').

  • The beautiful logo was made by artist Halbe Nicolai, www.halbenicolai.nl.
  • We have received hundreds of metres of sturdy boating rope from various donors (i.e. Connexxion Water) and we've started to hang those ropes in various ways along the docks and canals in our community.
  • Since the start in may 2009 at least a dozen cats have succesfully saved themselves by climbing a feline lifeline!
  • one of the volunteers saved cat Melvin from a floating island (put in the canal to prevent cats from drowning)And more than 15 cats were rescued by locals who saw a swimming cat and either jumped into the water or hauled the cat out by lying down on the canalwall.
  • But...at least a dozen cats have also been found drowned in our area. 
  • We are disappointed by the deaths, but since education seems to work, we'll put more effort in the (social) media to help owners keep their cats out of the canals.
  • Furthermore, a new rescuemethod was put in place in 2010: floating isles or floating gardens. They can be used by aquatic birds to nest on, but cats can climb on them as well, after they have fallen into the canal by accident.

Sponsors and local authorities who help us:

  • The project is sponsored by the Animal Welfare (Dierenbescherming) region Rijnland, and backed up by the Council, the Watermanagementgroup (Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland), the Animal Ambulance, het Dierenmeldpunt and various other institutions and groups.
  • Since Feline Lifelines is such a success in Leiden, more and more cities use our guidelines to keep cats high and dry.
  • cat Melvin on one of the floating gardensMore information on Feline Lifelines.




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